ABRSM Certificate Program

Introducing the International ABRSM Certification Program at 77 Arts



What is ABRSM?

ABRSM (Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music) began in the UK but has since expanded into an international music certification program. The program takes students through a series of graded music exams. These exams take a holistic approach to music learning helping students to understand, perform, and most of all enjoy music. The exams include solo repertoire and musicianship testing to encourage all around musicianship, which builds the foundation for a life long enjoyment of music.



The structure of the ABRSM program gives students a concrete goal to aim for in their practice and study. Once certification is achieved students will be recognized the world over for a high level of achievement. Certifications can be included on a resume or college application! The exams are conducted one on one with a highly trained professional examiner who can provide an objective measure of the student’s progress.


Who is eligible?

At 77 Arts we will offer this certification program on piano, flute, recorder, music theory, cello, violin, and voice.

There are no age restrictions to the program and students can begin either with grade 1 or skip to whichever grade is currently appropriate for them.


What are the exams like?

Each student will be adjudicated in a number of areas:

  1. Solo pieces
  2. Scales and Arpeggios- these are key for musical understanding and proficiency on any instrument.
  3. Sight Reading– this skill asks a student to play a piece they haven’t seen before. This skill allows them to play successfully in ensembles and enjoy reading new music for fun in the future.
  4. Aural Tests- this assesses the candidate’s musical perception and listening skills, including the ability to distinguish pitch, pulse, melody and harmony. Developing this skill helps students in all aspects of their music making, including their enjoyment of other’s performances.

Depending on the level each exam takes between 12 and 30 minutes to complete.


When /how do I sign up?

At 77 Arts we will begin enrolling students in the certification programs immediately and students should plan to join before the summer to take advantage of the next exam period.

ABRSM schedules their exams twice a year.  Registration takes place in early January 1st for May/June Exams and August 1st for November exams.

As part of the International Certification Program at 77 Arts students will receive comprehensive preparation for these exams from our highly trained faculty.

Students are required to take at least 45 minute or 1 hour weekly lessons depending on teacher recommendations.

Please see our registration and pricing information below:


Pricing:           Additional 20% of standard tuition.

Books:            As required by instructor