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Roy Imperio, Piano

“Jamie enjoys her lessons with Roy. She says he laughs a lot and makes the lesson fun. It is obvious that Roy is very enthusiastic about music and that is rubbing off on Jamie. She looks forward to her classes with Roy.”

        – Sincerely, Terry  

Jason Yost, Guitar

“We love our son’s guitar teacher, Jason Yost. Our son is a wiggly, easily distracted eight year old, and Jason always does a great job of keeping him engaged and excited about the music he’s playing. We can’t get over how much growth we’ve seen in Jack in these short few months since he started guitar lessons in the fall. I just love to see Jason’s enthusiasm and patience each week as he works with my son. We are so happy with our experience at 77 Arts Academy.”
      -Thanks, Jen C.
“Jenny started guitar this fall for the first time with Jason Yost. At first, it was like pulling teeth to get Jenny to practice at home, though she liked going to class. Recently, Jenny announced that Wednesday and Friday are her favorite days of the week: Wednesdays because she had guitar, and Fridays because she had no homework and could play with her neighborhood friends. Jenny absolutely LOVES Jason. Jason has been patient and kind while Jenny learns and has suggested she learn songs that Jenny is enthusiastic about. Jason just seems to ‘get’ Jenny and they get along fantastically. This is a parent’s dream, for anyone working with their kid to ‘get’ them. Once a teacher can do that, the learning that follows is a given. Both my husband and I are so excited about Jenny’s newly discovered love of guitar and feel so grateful that we were lucky enough to get Jason as her teacher. It’s still not always easy to get Jenny to practice, but I know that respect and enthusiasm she has for Jason helps motivate her, even on those ‘pulling teeth’ days.”
     – Thanks so much!    Lizza and Steve

Lisa Leong, Piano

“We have been so pleased with Madelyn’s progress this year with Lisa.  Lisa has a great way of motivating without pressure or judgement.  She uses the promise of playing “fun” pieces to gain support for learning the basics.  I’ve seen Madelyn practice more on her own without coaching.  This is milestone, as taking ownership, actually enjoying her playing, increases the likelihood that Madelyn will carry her playing into adulthood.”
    -Best, Kathleen (12/8/2015)

Patrick Valentino, Piano

“Barak loves Patrick.  I attend the lessons, and Patrick is very nice to Barak, even in cases when Barak did not complete his Theory homework, or says that he does not want to play a specific song.  Also, Patrick gives Barak several songs to practice each week, so it keeps Barak occupied and interested during the week.”

       – Thanks, Ronit S.


“Take one very reluctant 7 year old, take two parents who know the value of music education, add one Patrick Valentino at 77 Arts Academy, and voila, you have a child gaining skills, having fun, and enjoying music! Thank you Patrick, for your patience, kindness, and most importantly, your high expectations. The sense of pride our son has in his growth is worth every penny!”

– Hilary L

Joe St.Pierre, Comic Book Art

“I am so grateful to you for your vision in establishing 77 Academy and all of your hard work.  Being in Joe’s class has been truly life-changing for Kevin. I am also so grateful that Kevin has the opportunity to have his work on display at the Com-Con – and take a free class there.  Amazing.”
      -Warmly, Andrea

Brendan Buckley, Sr. Voice

“Thank you for being an amazing teacher to my daughter! I don’t think I’ve said that to you yet!! You inspire her!”

           – Sidonie

“My daughter was singing initially to please her parents but now after only a few lessons, with Brendan, her self confidence has improved a lot and she has actually started enjoying singing.”

          – Varja

Alex Conway, Flute

“Alex Conway is one of the finest musicians I have ever worked with, and a delightful teacher.”

– Margot L.

Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Guitar/Voice

“My 13 year old loves her guitar lessons. She has taken from two other instructors at other venues, and was immediately struck by how much she had been missing. Kevin knows how to mix fun and challenge. Thanks a million!”

        – Paul G.

77 Arts Academy, Administration

“Great job Sunday [with the recital]. You have a nice way of celebrating the accomplishments of your students with warmth and joy vs high pressure. We all enjoyed it.”  
       – Kathleen
“Don~ You have done a wonderful job establishing a new source in our town for ALL the arts. I am so impressed with the focus on the kids and the joy of making art. Looking forward to a long association.”
– Margot
“Hi Don,  Your customer service has been excellent, thank you.   I will certainly tell people how accommodating you’ve been and will recommend 77 Arts.  Happy Holidays!”
– Tina