Students may enroll at anytime. Our school has rolling admissions and do not have set semesters.

Online or In-Home Private Music Lessons

Payment is due at least 2 weeks before your new or next enrollment. Your registration is complete after your payment is processed. You should attend your first lesson at the time scheduled with your instructor unless instructed otherwise.

Re-enrollment for next session will be automatic to ensure seamless continuation unless a written cancellation notice is provided at least 2 weeks prior to the last lesson. Invoice will be emailed prior to the last lesson of the current session.

Consultation program monthly subscription

Payments to credit cards will be automatically charged no earlier than one-week before the first of each month to ensure seamless continuation.


Private Music Lesson Refund

Student can withdraw from a 16-week session commitment at least ten (10) days before the lesson start date. 75% of the tuition will be refund after 2nd lesson. There are no refunds after the 4th lesson. Enrollment cancellations require a written notice to the school administration and NOT to the teacher.

Consultation Program Subscription Refund

Student may cancel his/her subscription for the following month via writing to the school administration (NOT to the teacher) at least a week prior to the end of the current month. Upon cancellation, any additional services or lessons not paid for during the last month will be reconciled and charged to the credit card accordingly.

There are no refunds after the first 7 days of the month. Enrollment cancellations require a written notice to the school administration and NOT to the teacher.

Further, there are no refunds for students reasonably dismissed by the academy due to disrespectful, disruptive, or any other unacceptable behavior by the students or their parents. There are no refunds on annual registration fees.

Late Payments

Any late payments will incur a $30 penalty or 1.5% per month, whichever is greater.

Absence, Tardiness, and Cancellations

We do not follow the local school holiday schedules. Like any other activities or sports, students, along with the teachers, are making a commitment to be available. We expect both teachers and students to respect this commitment.

Private music lesson students are allowed one cancellation without penalty during each 16-week session with at least a 24-hour courtesy notice. The lesson can be made up during a non-regular day/time at the teacher’s discretion. If less than 24-hour cancellation notice is given by the student, regardless of reason, the lesson will be forfeited and no credit will be issued for that lesson.


Students are allowed one cancellation without penalty during EITHER a public school winter OR a public school spring vacation week, but not both, if desired.

Students are also allowed flexible scheduling during summer vacation with at least a one-week courtesy notice of any summer vacation cancellation plans.


If a teacher is absent, for whatever reason, the student will be offered a makeup lesson at the teacher’s discretion. If not, the student will receive a lesson credit. Students and teachers are expected to work together to schedule make-ups. If a teacher offers a number of reasonable opportunities to schedule a make-up, but the student is unavailable for any of those times, the lesson will be forfeited and no credit will be issues for that lesson. If a student misses a make-up lesson, there is no credit/refund and no additional make-up lesson will be provided.


School is closed on the following holidays and vacation weeks: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving weekend, and December 24th to January 1st.

For school closings due to inclement weather or emergencies, a notice will be sent out. Up to one weather-related cancellation lesson credit will be provided every year for in-home lessons or consultation. There is no refund or credit for subsequent weather-related closings.


Our policy is subject to change at any time.