A wonderful 2014 winter art exhibition

Dec 6th, 2014


77 Arts Academy had it’s third annual winter art exhibition.  25 students, ages 7-13, entered the exhibition with 40 paintings and comic book artwork.  We had a fantastic turnout of students, family and friends during the event.  Congratulations to all those who participated.  The progress of art skills is clear; all students should feel proud.

As part of our tradition, we had all attendees vote for their top 3 artworks.  The top 3 artworks (pictures shown below) are as follows:

FIRST PLACE:    Aria Shi (age 9)

SECOND PLACE:   Iffah Liyakath (age 11)

THIRD PLACE: Jack Doty (age 7)

Congratulations to the top 3 students!














First Place Aria Shi

1st Place – Aria Shi (age 9)


Second Place Iffah Liyakath

2nd Place – Iffah Liyakath (age 11)

Third place Jck Doty

3rd Place – Jack Doty (age 7)