Making piano practice easy!

Making piano practice easy!

I sometimes hear parents that their children are not progressing as fast as they’d like.  It takes time for the child to progress and children progress at different rates.  Like with any new subject, they can progress faster with parental assistance especially for young children under 10 years old.  Even overseeing them once a week during their practice can be very encouraging.

Both my children ages 9 and 11 have been playing piano for a few years now.  Like most children, getting them to practice can be challenging sometimes especially with new songs.  Having been in consulting driving operational efficiency at corporations in my past life, I applied that to help my kids with piano practice.  I’m not a musician but I learned the basics and the notes – the foundations – to assist my boys.  I then created a method to help with their practice.  Hope you find it useful.

1.      Hear the song

Get a sense for how the song sounds by asking your teacher to play it for you before you go home to practice.  You can also find songs on Youtube.  Hearing a song sets a goal.

2.      Start with 1 or 2 measures – don’t try to play the whole song from the start!

When learning a new song, it can seem overwhelming.  Trying to play the whole song from the start will be discouraging.  NASA didn’t build the space shuttle all at once; they did it one part and one subsystem at a time.  So, break it down.  Focus on the first one or two measures and

  1. Figure out the notes first before trying to play.
  2. Play the right hand and then the left hand.
  3. Play both hands together and practice until it sounds smooth.

3.      Move on to the next couple of measures

  1. Now focus on the remainder of the line.
  2. Play the right hand and then the left hand.
  3. Play both hands together and practice until it sounds smooth.  (See the pattern?)
  4. Now play the entire line and practice it several times until it feels smooth and comfortable

4.      Move on to the next line

  1. Repeat steps 2 & 3.  Look for repeating patterns and focus more on new patterns.
  2. Now play both lines together working to make the transitions between measures and lines smooth

5.      Repeat steps 2-4 until you come to the end of the song

  1. If there are any parts that are hard or not smooth, DO NOT repeatedly make the same mistakes!!!  STOP, practice that hard part and work on making smooth transitions.

6.      Play the whole song

  1. Practice the whole song every day or every other day
  2. Compare with Youtube or CD.

7.      Enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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